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Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting.  People Effecting People is dedicated to our mission to provide integrated programs and services which will strengthen families and build healthy communities.     Our goal is to guide and empower the community into a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on personal growth and community connections using positive role models and neighborhood-based programs. We promote educational excellence, economic self-sufficiency and community engagement through creative education and critical thinking, leadership development, action and service missions in the community.  Our commitment to that goal remains steadfast. 


We invite you to review our news and program information, explore and get to know our dedicated staff, families and community partners. They all play a vital role in ensuring that we continue to provide quality programs, services and events in our neighborhoods.


Take advantage of our excellent programs and services and come out and attend our events.  Or decide how you want to partner with us, whether it be participation, sponsorship, or donation.  We NEED you!  Extend a helping hand. You never know how many helping hands will reach back!